Young Entrepreneurs for Social Good

Our Vision Statement

Implement innovative solutions to widespread problems.

What we do

Project HOPE

Provide Healthcare, Opportunity, Provisions, and Education to those in need.

Project Communicate

Pilot program to provide deaf students in India with low cost text-communication devices to help them communicate and express themselves better.

About Us

YESG is a privately run foundation that is IRS registered 501 (c) (3) tax-exempt nonprofit organization run by team members and volunteers that consider themselves citizen of the world. They are passionate about wellbeing of all, strive to reduce disparities among all, and work to protect against global crisis that disregard national borders. The members are college kids who want to make an impact not only in the community they live in but also at the global level to provide aid regardless of nationality, religion, or financial status.

Our Team

Rushi Shah - President / Founder

A young entrepreneur himself, Rushi Shah was inspired to start YESG in 2015 in an effort to put the money he earned from his high school internship to good use. He is passionate about technology and dreams of using it to improve lives around the world. He considers that poverty and hunger go hand in hand. To help eradicate hunger, providing PROVISION for a meal is the cornerstone principal of the organization. He also believes that EDUCATION for younger generation is key to provide escape for those in need and providing OPPORTUNITY to start a home business can provide financial independence to others.

Other projects he supports in his local community:

  • Seva Charities
  • TX Votes

Shefali Shah - Vice-President / Treasurer

A medical student passionate about Global Health. Her commitment to Global Health started when she started volunteering at hospitals in India during her summers in high school in 2010. She joined YESG to support the HEALTHCARE arm of project HOPE. Her take on EDUCATION is to educate the world population on public health crisis. She hopes to educate them to identify avoidable spread of diseases and to implement preventive solutions.

Other projects she supports in her local community:

  • Faithful Servants Free Urgent Care Center
  • Open M
  • NEOMED SOAR Outreach
  • St Bernard Health and Screening Fair

Monil Mehta - Communication

An aspiring dentist who has been zealous about HEALTHCARE and EDUCATION especially as it relates to dental and oral care from his sophomore year at University of Tennessee in 2015. He was the founding member of Global Service Project that provided oral care and health education to the underserved population around the globe. He channels his passion for healthcare, business and political advocacy to expand the culture of social good and cultivate a social responsibility among his peers.

Other projects he supports in his local community:

  • Big Brother Big Sisters
  • The tooth bank
  • District 3 Chapter Development Committee


Contribute to our CrowdRise Fundraiser. This will let you pay with credit card and let you specify precisely what cause you would like to donate to.

You can also mail checks payable to Young Entrepreneurs for Social Good to the following adress:
7609 Leonard Drive,
Falls Church, VA, 22043
United States of America

For more information on contributing, feel free to email us!