Young Entrepreneurs for Social Good

Project HOPE

Provides Healthcare, Opportunity, Provisions, and Education to those in need.


Since Global Health is bigger than one nation it is everyone’s responsibility to share the burden. YESG works with the following organizations to meet the mission of the organization and impact at global level.

Sad Vichar Seva Samiti to subsidize the costs of surgeries and healthcare equipment for the patient in need. YESG works with Sada Vichar Seva Samiti to supports the outpatient population that cannot be helped as per Trust Charter.

PNR Society - Prevention of disability, and rehabilitation. PNR Society strives to create a world which is free of disabilities, through prevention of disabilities and rehabilitation of disabled. YESG supports vaccination clinic in rural areas and provides funding for Hearing aids and sponsors deaf and dumb kids to live at PNR society facilities where they can get help.

Global Service Projects formed to take initiative in creating solutions for problems like disparity in access to healthcare and lack of health education in field of dentistry. YESG Team members conducted various awareness campaigns about oral health education and held two international clinics treating and educating over a thousand people in dental care

Fistula Foundation dedicated to raising awareness of and funding for fistula. Obstetric fistula is a preventable childbirth injury that devastates the lives of mothers. Fistula Foundation funds fistula treatment in Africa and Asia. YESG team members managed a fundraising effort to take advantage of match from an anonymous donor to build a new facility.


We believe that everybody should have the opportunity to earn a livelihood and be a productive member of society. YESG provides Micro-Loans to people so they can start small home business to support their families.


Providing monthly ration to people in need was the first project that YESG started to support which has now morphed into a corner stone mission for the organization.

At a very young age founder of YESG and his sister visited orphanage and school for disabled kids to provide food, sweets and toys to them on their birthday with their grandfather.

A need was identified where leprosy patients shunned by society could not find meaningful work and often went hungry. The early project started to provide steady supply of food provisions every month to the Leprosy patients living in a community outside Bhavnagar. The care package contains wheat (to make a bread called roti), rice, and dal (beans) and occasionally Sugar and or oil when a generous donor add to the monthly supply funds.

As YESG got involved in helping patients of Dialysis and Chemo the project started incorporating those patients since they would miss work to get the treatment or their family members who miss work to help the patients while they get the treatment.

As the Healthcare arm of YESG in Gujarat, India grew a need was identified to provide food to patients and family member’s coming to Bhavnagar to get treatment or surgeries. YESG supports local Meals on wheel program that delivers meals to patients and their family who are unable to afford to buy food while waiting for treatment. Volunteers pick up food from local resident families who fill the “Tiffin” and deliver them to the patients.

Currently the provision project is managed by Shri Parshva Bhakti Charitable Trust that already provides helping hand to families living below poverty levels with food, medicine and education in Gujarat, India.


Because YESG leaders believe education is an integral part of modern society, we provide volunteering and financial support the following organizations:

Pratham Education Foundation Established in Mumbai in 1994 to provide pre-school education to children in slums, Pratham today has interventions spread across 23 states and union territories of India and has supporting chapters in the United States, UK, Germany, and Sweden

K.L Institute for the Deaf in Bhavnagar Gujarat India which currently provides education for 350 hearing impaired students from K through 12th grade.

Black Girls Code an organization that works to increase the number of women of color in the digital space by empowering girls of color ages 7 to 17 to become innovators in STEM fields, leaders in their communities, and builders of their own futures through exposure to computer science and technology.

Library In a Week Sultan Akif - founder of the Library in a Week - could not afford to buy books as a child is now on a mission to build 100 libraries across the planet to light up lives with the brilliance of knowledge.

Leyendo is an organization in Playa del Carmen, Mexico that provides much needed books and manages libraries (built by Library in a week) in the public schools in Quintana Roo.

RAINN - Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network is the nation's largest anti-sexual violence organization. They have programs for public education, public policy, and most importantly victim services. RAINN also carries out programs to prevent sexual violence, help survivors, and ensure that perpetrators are brought to justice.

KKIS - the Keeping Kids in School Project started in Playa del Carmen, Mexico, with the mission to motivate and assist public school administrators, teachers, students and parents through 5 programs (School Supplies, School Advocacy, Conversation Clubs, Scholarship & Mentors, Conexiones) that provide financial assistance, connections and support.